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Talktalk broadband is amongst the most affordable on the market. Its price, speeds, transparency and security features cut through all the hogwash in the world of broadband. Not only that, it comes with award winning customer service that puts its bigwig competitors to shame.

If you need no convincing, check out the deals above - you will be in safe hands with one of the biggest providers in the UK. If you need some more information, we have got you covered. Read on for everything you need to know about Talktalk broadband.

What can you get with Talktalk broadband?

Before signing up to a broadband deal, you will want to make sure that you are getting the best the provider can offer. So what exactly can you get with Talktalk broadband?

Talktalk broadband speed

No stranger to keeping things simple, Talktalk offers two speeds from which to choose: Unlimited Broadband at 11Mbps, marginally higher than the national average, and Unlimited Superfast Fibre at 67Mbps. For reference, here’s a rough breakdown of what you can do at both speeds.

Unlimited Broadband (ADSL) Unlimited Superfast Fibre
  1. Download a TV show (450MB) in 6 minutes
  2. Update your phone’s operating system (1.5Gb) in 20 minutes
  3. Stream HD content for one user at a time
  4. Download a music album (100MB) in under 2 minutes
  5. Upload a photo (2.5MB) in 20 seconds
  1. Download a TV show (450MB) in 54 seconds
  2. Update your phone’s operating system (1.5Gb) in 3 minutes 4 seconds
  3. Stream HD content for 6 users at a time
  4. Download a music album (100MB) in under 12 seconds
  5. Upload a photo (2.5MB) in less than 2 second

Speed guarantee

Talktalk is a signatory to Ofcom's broadband speeds voluntary code of practice, by which it must provide you with an estimate of the speeds you can expect to receive at your home. Estimates are based on actual speeds measured on the provider’s service in your area.

Under the codes of practice, the provider must ensure that your service is consistent with the estimates provided. If your actual broadband speed regularly falls below the estimate, you have the right to exit your contract without penalty.

Don’t know about broadband speeds?To learn more about broadband speeds and how important they are, check out this handy guide to broadband download speeds, upload speeds and ping.

Fixed contracts

Talktalk’s broadband and fibre deals are available on 12, 18 and 24 month contracts. Crucially, the price you pay for your broadband service remains fixed for the entire term of the contract you opt for. Unlike with other major providers, you will never have to worry about unexpected mid-contract price hikes.

Is Talktalk broadband unlimited?

Yes. Talktalk broadband is completely unlimited. There are no data caps, meaning that you can access the internet as much as you like, and no deliberate speed restrictions (throttling).

Having said that, please be aware that your internet speeds may slow down naturally during peak usage hours, which could limit access and performance.

Talktalk broadband routers

All customers signing up to the standard ADSL broadband deal will receive the Talktalk Super Router free of charge. Notably, it comes with smart features that allow it to switch automatically between two frequencies, choosing the best one to provide you with the smoothest experience.

Unlimited Superfast Fibre customers will receive the award winning Talktalk Wi-Fi Hub, free of charge also. The Wi-Fi Hub boasts enhanced smart features that provide customers with faster, stronger and more reliable wifi connections between router and devices.

Unlimited Broadband users can upgrade to the award winning Wi-Fi Hub for a one off fee of £30.

Perks and extras

With the purchase of any Talktalk broadband service, customers can get exclusive security features for broadband, specific devices, and calls with Homesafe, Supersafe and Callsafe. Below is a roundup of all three.

  1. Homesafe:

    Homesafe is included free with broadband and fibre. It is a web security filter that works for any and all devices connected to your home wifi router. It primarily provides protection against potentially harmful websites. Users can configure the software’s settings to set parental controls, usage limits and restrictions, and receive virus alerts.

  2. Supersafe:

    Supersafe is a virus protection software offered by Talktalk that customers can purchase, download and apply to up to 10 specific devices - laptops, tablets, mobiles etc. It also includes a password manager.

  3. Callsafe:

    Callsafe is a free call security feature for home phones that customers can switch on and off at any time. It can prevent unwanted callers, scammers and telesales from reaching your phone.

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Talktalk broadband deals and packages

We have previously mentioned that Talktalk is no stranger to keeping things simple. Indeed, the provider only offers two internet service products: A standard ADSL broadband product named Unlimited Broadband, elsewhere referred top as Fast broadband, and a single fibre product named Unlimited Superfast Fibre. Both are available in a combination of phone and TV bundle packages.

Unlimited Broadband

The cheapest of Talktalk’s broadband services is the standard Unlimited (Fast) Broadband with a download speed of 11Mbps. The monthly price you pay for your broadband will depend on the contract length you opt for. The longer the contract term, the lower the price you pay.

Conversely, the lower the contract length, the higher the price. It is worth noting, however, that longer term contracts are usually better value for money.

Unlimited Broadband (ADSL)
Download speeds 11 Mbps
Upload speeds 2 Mbps
Unlimited data usage Yes
Line rental included Yes

Unlimited Superfast Fibre

The Unlimited Superfast Fibre provides you with an indirect fibre optic connection to your home, allowing for an average download speed of 67Mbps. The price of fibre is marginally higher than the price of a standard ADSL connection, which makes it significantly better value for money.

For more information about the provider’s fibre service, take a look at our dedicated Talktalk Fibre page (coming soon).

Unlimited Superfast Fibre
Average download speeds 67 Mbps
Average upload speeds 19.5 Mbps
Unlimited data usage Yes
Line rental included Yes

Talktalk broadband and phone: Do you need a landline for Talktalk broadband?

A landline fee is included in the price of broadband and fibre, as is usually the case for most internet service products. The amount you pay goes towards access to and maintenance of the UK’s largest broadband network infrastructure (Openreach) on which the Talktalk service relies.

You are not required to activate or make use of your landline. If you do want to use it, note that calls packages are available separately. Without these packages, your calls will be charged along Talktalk’s standard call tariffs.

If you would like to add a calls package when you purchase your service, you can do so in the purchase process when you click your desired deal from the list at the top of the page.

Talktalk broadband and TV

With broadband and TV bundles, customers receive, in addition to their broadband service, Talktalk’s TV service, a TV or TV Plus box, and the provider’s Entertainment Boost package.

The Talktalk TV service incorporates a whole host of streaming services, including Netflix, Now TV and BBC iPlayer, along with access to 85 channels, 15 of which are HD. The Entertainment Boost package allows you to add and remove channels such as Sky Sports, National Geographic and the Disney Channel.

If you would like to purchase one of the provider’s broadband and TV bundles, you can do so by following the purchase process after clicking your desired deal from the list at the top of the page.

Talktalk broadband checker

You can find out if Talktalk broadband is available in your area by inserting your postcode in the postcode field above the list of deals at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can head to our broadband comparison tool by clicking the button below to see which providers are available to you.

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Talktalk broadband offers

Keep an eye out for special offers and limited price reductions which Talktalk periodically applies to new customer purchases. Type your postcode into the postcode field above the list of deals at the top of the page or in our broadband comparison tool to see if there are any offers available to you.

Talktalk broadband reviews: Is Talktalk broadband any good?

Talktalk is somewhat of a rare species in the world of broadband. It is one of the biggest providers in the UK, yet its customer service is received positively.

The provider has received the award for the most popular provider in 2019 from the independent comparator uSwitch, and placed number one for customer satisfaction from the Institute of Customer Service - an independent membership body for customer service.

Talktalk also performs much better than the other major telecoms providers on independent customer review site Trustpilot, with an average of 3 stars from a total of 43,000 reviews.

Belying this score is quite a polarised review base. 49% rate the provider Good or Excellent and 45% rate it Poor or Bad. 6% give it an average rating.

It is important to bear in mind that online customer reviews should be viewed with a certain degree of skepticism. It can be hard to gauge the authenticity of online users and their experiences.

Talktalk mobile

Talktalk is working in partnership with O2 to provide its customers with exclusive mobile deals on O2’s high-performing network. The partnership is not fully up and running as of yet, with the provider still working out the details.

For the moment, if you are looking for a new mobile or SIM only deal, you can check out the very best from O2 by heading over to our O2 mobile page. Or you can check out our mobile comparison tool by clicking the button below.

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